Sometimes I surprise myself at the carder. I was making a few art batts yesterday and, as usual, I started out by pulling all my “ingredients” (as I like to call them) out of my stash. Just like cooking a meal, I start out with the protein, the vegetable (the carbohydrates like rice, potatoes and then the lean ones:  carrots, string beans , beets or salad) and finally the dessert.  I always like a balanced meal, especially for dinner.                                                                                         SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA                     Art Batts At my Website.

I do the same when making my art batts. Every time I make one, I think texture, and since angora is the softest fiber there is, the other ingredients have a hard time competing with it. But a textured batt is an experience to be had with your hands. You need to include other ingredients. I have to have the finer wools like merino, then alpaca, mohair, the thicker wool curls, and the smoothness of silk, bamboo, banana silk,novelty yarns, fabric mixed with the angora for a unique feel.  I like to make my art batts thinner so that it is easy to pull apart and less drafting or sometimes no drafting needs to be done to spin it. So you will get a group of two or more thinner batts when you use my art batts.


So, what do you prefer in your art batt?