High Quality angora fiber is hard to find these days. So it’s up to me to grow it. How?

well I provide my bunnies with a great rabbit pellet, hay and a few other supplements for a well balanced diet. I love these bunnies, they are all individual in characteristics, like sex, coat color, personality and longevity. Why do I do what I do with these wonderful creatures. Well for one thing their fiber is the top in quality. That means that I don’t rush to clip off their fiber till it is long enough, 4 to 6 inches. The longer the better, but there are other factors that come into play; like season specially the temperature of our back yard, You have to be practical. I don’t have more bunnies than I can care for the right way, so I limit their number by not breeding when its not needed. Here is a few pictures of my bunny Dolly before and after a hair cut.

You have to time the clipping so that the bunnies are comfortable no matter what the temperature is in any season if they are kept outside in hutches, but I also have a small barn with heat to keep those who have a short coat in the late fall comfortable.  After a clipping the bunny tends to eat more food for a few day,s then But I hope that there will be others that are willing to work hard to keep these beauties around for many more generations to come. They are the reason for my yarns high quality.

This is yarn handspun from this dolly’scoat.

All nat color angora yarn