Handspun Hand dyed angora Yarn/ handdyed sock yarn, spinning supplies and angora accessories

My life as a fiber artist.

My life as a fiber artist is very exciting, I get to use  my imagination to make my one of a kind yarns.  I love the feeling I get when, starting with a newly purchased merino fleece I finish with handspun yarn that will be used to make that treasured item for a loved one.  My interest in arts and craft has been a long and winding road that has led me to have a rabbitry with some of the most loving angora bunnies in this world. I love our bunnies; I have English, French and a few German angoras, sure they do require care and that’s where my family comes in. They help with the care especially when I travel to the fiber festivals in the Fall.

My interest in fiber arts started back in High school. I worked in the school library and looking through many cultural books, from different countries and was amazed at the way they show women with colorful dresses spinning, weaving and walking along with their llamas in Peru or Mohair goats in Turkey.  Now I think I know why they wear those colorful dresses, they can’t decide on one color because all the colors are so pretty.  So why not go for all of them in their weaving, right!

I started with sewing, crocheting, knitting, cross stitching and quilting,  to make special dresses for my three girls for Easter Sunday or Christmas, and things for my house.  Then came spinning and I have never looked back because it feels so right for me.  These days I enjoy spinning and hand dying all kinds of fibers to make my art yarns, art batts , handspun natural, handdyed angora yarn and accessories.

Then there is my Garden.  I love to get my hands into the freshly turned earth, using my pitch fork to till the soil, to plant my carrots and other vegetables for family and bunnies alike. The garden is a source of inspiration and place of reflection. Time spent in the garden is time to admire nature and God.

I have always loved nature. My maternal grandpa Felix had a farm in Cuba where I grew up; I played with all kinds of creatures from the smallest like the bee and other insects, to goats, pigeons, chickens, rabbits, sheep, pigs, cows, horses, dogs and cats.  I was very sad to leave them behind but it was worth it to come to America.


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